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at least i can admit i’m a piece of shit

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"these aint yeezys nigga"

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this is my favorite gif and i did not expect this

Omfg I love this

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Anonymous said: Ok so me and my current bf been together for 3 years and I've only came once out of those 3 years but the sex is not bad it's just that he switches positions a little too much for me to enjoy each of them completely. So how do I tell him to spend a little more time in a certain position without him nutting before I get mine?






if u been with him 3 years and u haven’t told him he switches positions too fast in 1095 days yall communication is ass and you probably the side


Omg flizzy

….Anon just tell him to slow down. Tell him you want to try something “new”. Also, don’t be afraid to touch yourself while you are having sex with him. Most guys seem to like to watch that kind of thing. So rub your clitoris while he is having sex with you.

And if you have a small toy, like a bullet bring that with you.

Ask him if he’s comfortable with you using it.

Then use it to the utmost


if I was with someone for three years and they finally admitted they didn’t like how I fucked I’d ask them how I can improve and then break up with them


see that’s why women are afraid to tell men anything about sex. Y’all so sensitive lol

lol, its a lot of pressure to please women, so if you be like “you suck” we gonna be salty. you gotta be like ” i wanna help u improve”.

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me arriving at the gates of hell

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